Setting Rules

Setting Rules


  • I’m now using Savage Worlds Deluxe, but players should be able to get by with Explorer’s Edition or Test Drive.

Earning Bennies

Some ways to earn bennies:

  • Good roleplaying
  • Playing to your hindrances (such that they actually hinder)
  • Clever ideas
  • Awesome stunts
  • Extremely gutsy/heroic actions
  • Really excellent or flavorful action descriptions

If players think someone deserves a benny, they are encouraged to mention it to the GM, who may have had his mind elsewhere and could use the reminder. Nominating yourself is usually lame though.

Rules Adjustments

  • Athletics Skill
    • Athletics combines the Swimming, Climbing, and Jumping skills into one.
  • No Boating Skill
    • You’re not going to need it, and if you do we’ll use something else appropriate (like Driving).
  • It’s good to be the hero
    • When a character takes that fourth wound and rolls to see what kind of injury/death they get, they only immediately die on snake eyes (instead of a total of 1 or less).
    • While bleeding out, the heroes get three strikes before they die (need to fail the vigor roll three times).
    • A hero may always choose to spend a benny to save themselves from immediate death (but only if they would die instantly otherwise). Instead, they are incapacitated and injured (wound table effects as usual), but stable.
  • Open Setting
    • The lists of edges, gear, etc. are considered open and available for expansion (player ideas, other settings, etc) at player request and GM discretion.
    • Savagepedia is a pretty good starting place for looking for these.
  • No Bennies on Snake Eyes
    • If you roll snake eyes, you can’t use a benny to re-roll. Fate is a cruel mistress.
    • On the flip side, you might be able to earn a benny if you come up with a particularly awesome/funny/dramatic effect for Snake Eyes to have…

Arcane Backgrounds

The following arcane backgrounds are allowed:

  • AB: Weird Science
    • As written.
  • AB: Transhuman
    • With the right technology, people can be augmented to have abilities they normally wouldn’t have. Some people pay a lot of money for these “upgrades.” Others… well, lets just say that the fastest way to develop this technology is with live human test subjects. Not all of them end up that way by their own choice.
    • Works just like AB:Super Powers

Setting Rules

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