See Guns for a description of how firearms work in the Bright Cluster.

Use the standard SWD equipment list with the following modifications:
- Anything in the “Futuristic” category costs 10 times the price on the equipment list.
- All “modern” guns are assumed to be EK weapons. Everything uses “Small” bullets.
- All futuristic/laser guns are assumed to be DE weapons.
- Kevlar doesn’t negate AP.
- No lightsabers laser swords.

NOTE: Costs on the equipment list represent “starting equipment” cost. Actually buying them will be more or less expensive depending on where you are and who you’re dealing with.

More Equipment

(Some bonus stuff not included in the standard list. Expect this list to expand as we go.)

  • Armor:
Type Armor Weight Cost Notes
Armored Duster 2 6 120 Covers torso, arms, legs (basically a hardened trenchcoat)
Impact Vest 1/2 3 200 Covers torso. Concealable under clothing.
Heavy Battle Armor 4/8 25 6000 Covers entire body


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