You can’t take the sky from me is a Savage Worlds campaign set in a Firefly-like universe, with a bit of Freelancer and BSG thrown into the mix.

Mankind has spread to the stars: about five hundred years ago, sleeper colony ships arrived in the Bright Cluster and began colonizing and populating its planets and moons. Those first colonized, the inner core worlds, are affluent, populous, and brimming with the wonders of high technology. The outer worlds, colonized much later, are much less wealthy, and most people there get by on crude basics. The “brightside” worlds are full of shining cities and beautiful parks: the “darkside” worlds have dusty frontier towns scattered through an untamed wilderness.

The various worlds have formed a coalition government, but that political structure is starting to crack and give way as worlds and corporations form their own factions and alliances. Skirmishes between them have become more frequent, although they are still indirect, handled through mercenary third parties.

An enterprising group of freelancers with a ship of their own can find themselves going just about anywhere and doing just about anything…

Enter the wiki

(Eventually I’ll have my own system map, but for now imagine something along these lines .)

You can't take the sky from me

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