You can't take the sky from me

(Interlude) Final Approach

The sun was setting as the Aces and Eights made its final approach. The angry red light reflected on the peaks of nearby mountains, as well as illuminating the top rim of the narrow canyon in which Durmin was built. The city itself was buried in the fog that always appears in the evenings, illuminated by a soft blue-white glow that hid the angular, utilitarian metal architecture. A few tall spires peeked out of the fog, not to mention the massive raised platform of the spaceport, but most of the city was sprawled low along the bottom of the canyon, shrouded in a sea of illuminated cloud.
Captain Mallorn nodded in approval at Neil’s flying: he’d guided his injured baby across the landscape carefully, and he wasn’t about to let anything happen to her now. Despite the strong evening winds, the Aces and Eights was moving smoothly towards its assigned berth. Those of the crew who weren’t watching the landing were already asleep: it had been an eventful day, and there would be time to take care of everything else tomorrow. Well… almost everything else. Waiting on the platform below was an armored vehicle, the EITC representative ready to take possession of the cargo that had caused Mallorn and his crew so much trouble. He would be glad to be rid of the dim thing.


sushicw sushicw

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