You can't take the sky from me

Intercepted Transmssion

The package has been been delivered to the carrier. Recover it at spaceport D-56 on Minos. Date: 369.15.80:4. The carrier is the independent freighter “Aces and Eights.” Contact the captain directly and discretely.
This delivery must remain completely confidential. Do not allow discovery by the government or competitors. Package contents are classified at the very highest level.

K.L. -
It looks like our wiretapping efforts have finally begun to pay some real dividends. We can’t let this one slip by: intercept the EITC package when the freighter drops it off. Acquiring the package should look like the work of simple pirates, and nobody should have any reason to suspect company involvement. I trust that you can source some appropriate third-party resources for the task.
Don’t drop the ball on this one.
- G.


sushicw sushicw

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